REAL DIAMOND is an 11-piece professional band dedicated to the faithful re-creation of the live Neil Diamond experience. The band is obsessively passionate about providing the audience the finest Neil Diamond show short of having the man here himself.

Curtis Di Domizio fronts the band with a chillingly realistic Neil Diamond interpretation.  The audience will be amazed and dazzled as they dance and sing along to four decades of incredible, unforgettable songs.

REAL DIAMOND has toured the country delighting Neil Diamond fans and music lovers alike with their critically acclaimed tribute show and live entertainment experience. The group performs all of Neil Diamond's greatest hits including Sweet Caroline, Cherry Cherry, Holly Holy, Kentucky Woman, I Am I Said, Solitary Man, Love On The Rocks and many more of everyone's favorite hits.

Thanks to Neil Diamond for the many years of incredible songs!  REAL DIAMOND enjoys playing indoor/outdoor concerts, showrooms, casinos, theaters and fund-raising events.

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