Frederick - Michael Jackson Tribute Artists

A Las Vegas native but currently resides in Madrid, Spain, Frederick as Michael Jackson delivers a top quality performance. His years of experience have perfected his skills to be amongst the best in the industry.  His amazing costumes represent the early years of MJ thru to the end of his career including “This is It”. Frederick can portray each era with his hair and costume changes. But the quality that really stands out with Frederick is his voice, both speaking and singing.  He is one of the few MJ tribute artist to not only dance and look like Michael, but to also sing all his songs LIVE! His demeanor, a natural similarity to Michael’s gentle and soft-spoken nature is a bit eerie.  The fans are touched by this quality and moved by his command of the stage. His concert style performances, accompanied by a live band and dancers amazes the audience with dynamic arrangements unique to Fredericks show. It’s more than imitation it is a “Michael Jackson Experience”. The audience walks away feeling closer to their idol. Frederick a true fan of Michael since childhood is dedicated to preserving Michael’s Legacy.

Frederick’s performances have spanned the globe in over 16 countries. He is based out of Las Vegas, Nevada but performs internationally on a regular basis. He can be booked individually, with dancers or with a full band.  His presence at your event will excite your guests and make It memorable for all ages. He is a crowd pleaser and likes to engage his audience by interacting with them. Frederick is a true showman.

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