River of Dreams - Billy Joel Tribute

River of Dreams
The Ultimate Billy Joel Tribute band

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It's nine o'clock on a Saturday ...

Remember when you couldn’t turn on a radio without hearing those words? Where were you then? The opening line of Billy Joel’s classic “Piano Man” brings back memories for us all. Happy or sad - in good times or bad – Billy Joel has provided the soundtrack for an entire generation.
Now you can relive those memories once more. Todd O faithfully recreates the sound and the feel of those classic songs. With a real love and respect for the music, Todd and his band bring life to such standards as
•   Angry Young Man
•   You May Be Right
•   Allentown
•   Captain Jack
•   New York State of Mind
•   Scenes From an Italian Restaurant
•   We Didn’t Start The Fire
•   Only The Good Die Young
•   The Ballad of Billy the Kid
•   It's Still Rock & Roll To Me
…and many, many more.
Spend an evening with the memories and the magic. Spend an evening with Todd O and the music of Billy Joel.



Todd O, leader of River of Dreams - Vocalist, piano, drums, songwriter/composer

Todd O has performed over 6000 times in the Philadelphia, New Jersey, New York area after graduating from The University Of The Arts. Todd O has sung with Pink, Chicago, Broadway Stars and The Philadelphia Orchestra in addition to creating 7 albums of original jazz rock music including 4 tracks in Los Angeles at the famous Oceanway Recording Studios with Vinnie Colaiuta (Sting), James Newton-Howard (Elton John and composer of movie/TV soundtracks), Billy Meyer (Madonna), Michael Landau (Toto, Rod Stewart), Jerry Hey (Michael Jackson/Frank Sinatra), Tom Scott (LA Express), Ernie Watts (Rolling Stones). Todd O has performed as a dueling piano player in Philadelphia and Atlantic City and even been an extra in the major motion picture release "Law Abiding Citizen" starring Gerard Butler and Jamie Foxx. Todd is currently a music teacher in the Pennsylvania Public Schools.

Lou Fassano, guitar and vocals
Lou began playing when he was about 10 years old after hearing some of his favorite bands like Kiss, Sabbath, Skynyrd, Aerosmith, etc. He has played in countless bands and jam sessions doing covers of hard rock, blues, country, rockabilly, punk and just learning as many songs as he could fake. Lou was even involved in the music ministry for a number of years. After developing a vast repertoire, Lou felt he needed to concentrate more on music theory.
    As a music major at Bucks County Community College, Lou studied guitar, with an emphasis on jazz improv under John Sheridan and Tom Giacabetti. Since graduating, Lou has been studying classical guitar as a means of improving his technique and developing his reading skills.
    Although Lou has been aiming for a softer more graceful touch on his guitar, he has a booming voice ranging from a soulful growl to a piercing falsetto.
    Lou is honored to be a part of the River of Dreams band. He believes the music of Billy Joel deserves the respect and attention to detail the band has to offer and hopes to continue performing for years to come.

Scott Fisher, bass and vocals
Scott began his musical journey in Elementary School with a rent-to-own snare drum. In High School, he was already playing drums professionally - filling in for local drummers and even playing with an Elvis impersonator. He  made the decision to seriously pursue the bass after hearing Tony Levin's work with King Crimson and Peter Gabriel in the late 80s.
    After attending Bucks County Community College with a major in Modern & Electronic Music Composition, Scott spent time in NYC playing percussion, bass and guitar with a series of avant-garde music groups playing in such diverse settings as art galleries, museums and dance theaters.
    Settling in Chester County in the early '90s, Scott began raising a family while pursuing a more mainstream musical career - playing bass for a series of local bands: The Roadkings (classic rock), The Robert Eric Band (Billy Joel Tribute), John Forth & Friends (classic rock),  Danny V's 52nd Street (Billy Joel Tribute) and filling in for other local acts. Scott first met with Todd O in July of 2014 and soon after joined River of Dreams.

Damian Proulx, saxophones and backing vocals
Damian is a veteran performer in the Philadelphia metro area, playing in rock and roll, dance and party bands including The Elements, a ska originals band, The Sensational Creations, and the Philadelphia party band Diablo Sandwich. Damian believes horn sections add not only great sonic textures but also visual appeal for audiences. He is a big fan of Soul, R&B and Doo Wop.

Mark Daniels, percussion
Mark was influenced at the early age of 10 to start studying the art of drumming and percussion by renowned Pottstown percussionist and musical author William Schinstine. He then later continued his studies in drums and percussion in his late teens and early 20s with  great jazz drummer Randy Koons.  His other influences include drummers Steve Gadd, Danny Seraphine, David Garibaldi, Steve Jordan, and Buddy Rich. Being with River Of Dreams, he is able to add some musical spice he has acquired on his percussion instruments. He has also played with numerous Philadelphia area cover and horn bands and is currently behind the drum kit for the classic rock cover band Work Release.

Dennis Barth, drums

Dennis has played drums professionally for over 30 years in many different bands and venues. Currently Dennis plays in River Of Dreams, an Allman Brothers Tribute band, teaches drum set instruction in Doylestown, PA and is the drummer for two churches. Dennis prides himself on writing out the charts to these amazing songs and playing what Liberty Devitto performed on famous albums such as "The Stranger", "Turnstiles", "52nd Street", "An Innocent Man" and "Storm Front". Dennis is equally as comfortable playing rock as well as jazz and funk. 

Neal Carson, keyboards and vocals
Neal is a true student of contemporary music with over 40 years experience. Neal's musical influences are incredibly diverse: Traffic and The Beatles early on, songwriters like Joni Mitchell, Paul Simon, and James Taylor, jazz artists including Pat Metheny and Lyle Mays, Bob James and Snarky Puppy. Neal resides in Doylestown PA, where he is a community keystone and an active musician. Neal has several side projects in addition to playing in River of Dreams. He is part of John Beacher's band The Common Ground, and plays keyboards with The Mango Men, as well as his own Cherry Lane Band, which includes full-band and smaller configurations.
    Playing second keyboards with River of Dreams is an absolute blast for Neal. On any given song he can be playing electric piano, organ, strings, harmonica, accordion, or banjo, on some of the best songs ever written. What's not to love?