Arena Rock Tribute is a multi-tribute rock band featuring the music of Queen, Journey, Styx, Foreigner, Bon Jovi & more paying homage to iconic bands and artists who helped define Classic Rock in the 70’s and 80’s. Performing rock blocks of these acts, A.R.T. shines light on the songs that we sang along with, played air guitar to and pounded out drum fills on our dashboards.

With soaring melodies, solos you could hum note for note and undeniable energy, A.R.T. will make for a memorable musical evening and great party.  Old favorites will bring back memories and you’ll get reacquainted with a few ‘back wall’ gems you haven’t heard in 30 years.

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The influences that shaped John Anthony’s musical tastes are as wide  as the artist’s vocal range. From Styx to Streisand, Van Morrison to  Van Halen, Anthony pays homage to some of music’s most important  artists. Anthony says, “If I had to choose one influence in particular, it  would have to be Freddie Mercury of Queen, who could sell any song  from hard rock bravado to the sweetest sentiment. That is what I aspire  to.”

Anthony’s album What A Man Can Do received high praise from industry mainstay Billboard magazine which wrote in a featured article, “…the element that ultimately sets Anthony apart is a staggeringly high and powerful tenor range that dwarfs the vocal potency of his stylistic mentors.

John’s major influences are Freddie Mercury, Paul McCartney & Billy Joel.


Anthony began playing guitar at the age of 15. Being self-taught, and   growing up primarily listening to a variety of Progressive Rock, Classic    Rock, and Heavy Metal, he began to develop a style of playing based  around guitar players in those genres. Bands such as Dream Theater,  Metallica, and Pink Floyd quickly became favorites. In particular,  Anthony’s playing style is heavily influenced by guitarists such as John  Petrucci, Paul Gilbert, David Gilmour, Kirk Hammett, and Ty Tabor.

Anthony’s past music projects include playing guitar for Progressive Rock cover band Awakening, Classic Rock cover band CLR, original Hard Rock band Innocence Faded, with whom he wrote, recorded, and released the album Age of Innocence in early 2004, and original Alternative/Punk Rock band Ending In E. In the spring of 2006, Anthony performed with Ending In E live on “The JV & Elvis Show” on 92.3 Free FM in New York City. Following the radio performance, the band recorded an EP titled “What You Want.” In 2009, Ending In E released their full-length album, The Morning Of, which is currently available on iTunes.


A veteran bass player of 40 years, Tony has performed throughout the tri-state area in a wide assortment of classic rock projects. Although, he enjoys a variety of musical styles, his first love has always been listening to and performing the music of classic rock legends.

Throughout his career, Tony has played in popular club bands like “Tasty” and “Big Shot” and most recently in” Awakening” and “CLR”. In addition to co-founding A.R.T., he currently performs with “The Yes Project”, playing the unique and complex bass lines of the legendary Chris Squire in a tribute to the iconic prog rock band, Yes.

Besides Chris Squire, Tony also very much enjoys listening to and reproducing the styles of John Entwistle (Who) and John Paul Jones
(Led Zeppelin). Tony has an endorsement from Clifford Roi basses.


Bob’s playing style is best described as diverse, ranging from blues & jazz to metal & progressive rock. He spent much of his time during the 70’s and 80’s with premier cover projects and has recently been in the studio collaborating on an original project.

Bob has recently performed live with the critically acclaimed, “The YES Project”.  Bob’s influences include: Alan White, Billy Cobham, Steve Gadd, and Bill Bruford.